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Welcome to the home of the
Company of Wandering Souls

We are a friendly, helpful and mature kinship. We do a bit of everything, so we are not a single purpose kin. We focus on helping one another and having fun. Indeed, a day of fishing or freeze tag is just as enjoyable to us as completing a difficult quest or instance.

If you are looking for a group of like-minded gamers where the emphasis is focused on having fun and fellowship, then please look over our Social Standards, Kinship Statement, and Founding Principles and apply for membership!

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Guild News

Company of Wandering Souls Application Process

Iovec, Oct 1, 10 9:21 PM.
The purpose of our kinship Application is simply to make sure you have:
     1)  Found and signed up for the Forums.
     2)  Understand that we are a Social Kinship and not a Raiding, PvP or RP kinship.
     3)  Understand Our Founding Principles and Social Standards.

Things that may get your application denied:
     A.  Disregard our request to read our Kinship Statement
     B.  Appear to be outside of our social standards through the application/interview process
     C.  Impatient, disruptive or inconsiderate behavior. While these could be covered with the above explanation, these are worth setting out separately.  We are a mature social kinship; we're here to have fun, and we take our standards seriously.

Application process:
     X - To apply, click on the "join this guild" link and answer all questions completely and honestly.
     Y - An officer of Company of Wandering Souls will review your application and then contact you in game.
     Z -  Please be patient since we are often distracted by life, shiny objects, or running for our lives from a mob somewhere...
Company of Wandering Souls is currently recruiting the following:
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